One Life...One Eternity...One Choice.

Welcome to EternalChoice.Org.

The reason for this website's existence is to share information about where each of us will spend eternity. Did you know that our forever is decided by us? each one of us. You might say, "Well, how can that be, I've always believed that God determines where I will spend eternity?" In a manner of speaking, that's correct. But the good news is that God allows each of us to choose where we will spend eternity. He has given us free will, so we can decide for ourselves.

If you were to ask a group of people individually about how a person would get to Heaven, you'd probably get multiple answers to that question. Some people may give an identical answer, and maybe some others slightly different answers. But there is only ONE way to get to Heaven, and I'll be sharing that with you in a moment.

Some people believe that we get to Heaven based on our "good works", in other words, if our "good deeds" outweigh our "bad deeds", then God will let us into Heaven. Problems with this theory include:

There are a lot of people today who make their assumptions about Heaven and how to get there based on what other people tell them, or what they believe themselves. The problem with that reasoning is they have no basis or evidence to support those beliefs.

Most of us at one time or another have used a map to get somewhere we need to go. Of course, we could go it alone without the information from a map, but we might get there, or if you're like me, get lost and have a difficult time finding your way back. When it comes to eternity, though, there is no chance of finding your way back. Once we die, we can't go back and change the choice we've made. Some choices in life are reversible, and others are remediable to some extent, but our choice about eternity is neither reversible nor remediable. Therefore, all of us should know ahead of time whether the information we have about eternity is correct and verifiable. What if there was a way we could know with absolute certainty that we would get to Heaven? Fortunately, there is a way...